Brilliant Stars GLC Set Review

Every three months or so, Pokémon releases a new expansion with over a hundred cards to add to a player’s collection and, more importantly, to their decks. The ninth Sword & Shield set, Brilliant Stars, will be released this month, introducing powerful new Pokémon VSTAR. But in Gym Leader Challenge, we’re much more interested in […]

GLC Update 1.1

Effective Monday, January 10, 2022 Forest of Giant Plants from Ancient Origins 74/98 will be banned from Gym Leader Challenge format. Forest of Giant Plants creates an unfair advantage by allowing Grass Gym Leaders to bypass the rules of evolution to set up their board faster than any other deck, often creating “check mate” positions […]

Ominpoke’s Intro to GLC

Joe Bernard of Omnipoke has compiled ONE FULL HOUR of introductory Gym Leader Challenge gold where he briefs every Pokemon TCG type and showcases some of the strongest cards available to them. This video is an incredible resource for anyone looking to dive into Gym Leader Challenge and learn more about this exciting new format! […]

GLC Event Finder

Hello, Gym Leaders! There are some amazing things on the horizon for Gym Leader Challenge. As more game stores and Pokémon Leagues explore the Gym Leader Challenge format, I wanted to make finding events as easy as possible. The wonderful Dillonzer is working on helping me launch an Event Locator for all things Gym Leader […]

Celebrations & GLC

Celebrations is here! I hope everyone has had a chance to open some of this wonderful 25th anniversary collectors set, it really is a joy to experience! The set contains 25 “core” cards and 25 “classic” reprints. In addition, there are also a number of SWSH Promos that were released alongside the set that feature […]

GLC Update 1.0

All Ancient Trait Pokemon are now legal BANNED: Oranguru (Sun & Moon–Ultra Prism, 114/156) BANNED: Lysandre’s Trump Card (XY–Phantom Forces, 99/119 and 118/119) Hello, Gym Leaders! It has been four months since the inception of Gym Leader Challenge, and I could not be happier with the progression of the format. I have witnessed some incredible battles and […]

Fusion Strike 1K Results

The second Full Grip Games Gym Leader Challenge $1,000 tournament has concluded, and Grass was able to capture the title at the hands of Mike Gibbs! Mike attended the double header with the intention to compete in Saturday’s Standard event. After missing top cut on Saturday, Mike picked up his first GLC deck Saturday night […]