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One of the most fun things about Gym Leader Challenge Format, in my opinion, is trying to build a deck that features my favorite type of Pokemon. (sorry Fairy trainers! LOL) For me, those are Lightning Type Pokemon, and specifically Zapdos! I had to wait A LONG time for a good Zapdos card to get printed. I started playing the Pokemon TCG in 2011 with BW: Noble Victories. Zapdos from Team Up was released in February 2019. That’s over EIGHT YEARS! The wait was worth it. I played Zapdos to a Top-32 finish at the St. Louis Regional Championships in 2019 and loved every moment of it. Unfortunately, Zapdos was quickly power crept out of Standard Format during the Sword and Shield block as Pokemon V and VMAX were introduced to the game. My beloved Zapdos seemed to be destined for the bulk box after seeing play for just under a year.

Fortunately, with the introduction of Gym Leader Challenge Format, Zapdos and other single Prize Pokemon have their time to shine and triumph again! Check out this video to learn more about the most powerful Lightning Type Pokemon in the Gym Leader Challenge Format!

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  1. EPHUS_

    The shinx line is definitely my favorite. It has all of the desirable attributes of a Pokémon card line except for energy acceleration. It has speed, disruption, AND explosive damage output. Insane dude

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