Video: King of Darkness

One of the strongest Pokemon in Gym Leader Challenge format, Guzzlord from Cosmic Eclipse, strikes fear in the eyes of any Pokemon it encounters! Rocking a seriously hefty 150 HP, Guzzlord takes an extra Prize every time it takes a knockout with its Red Banquet attack. As the clear best card in the Darkness pool, Guzzlord is the unwieldy centerpiece of nearly every Darkness type deck. With access to Devoured Field, Dark Claw and Muscle Band, Guzzlord can hit upwards of 150 damage, taking countless OHKOs in Gym Leader Challenge! When only three KOs seperate Guzzlord from victory, you better come prepared, or face defeat!

1 thought on “Video: King of Darkness

  1. Andy

    I’m glad you got this format going. I’ve been wanting a single prize format to play for years now!

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