Mean Green Machine

Hi there everyone! My name is Jake Mershon aka JMershon, and I am here to talk about my favorite Gym Leader Challenge deck: Grass! As soon as Gym Leader Challenge was announced, I knew that Grass was going to be the type that was going to be my ride or die. Grass has so many incredible pieces in it that make it one of, if not the most consistent Gym Leader Challenge archetype. 

Essential Pokemon

The two main stars of the Grass type Gym Leader Challenge deck are Grovyle from Lost Thunder and Shiinotic from Sun and Moon base set. Both Pokémon have the same Ability, with Grovyle’s Sunshine Grace and Shiinotic’s Illuminate being able to search your deck for one Grass-type Pokémon and then shuffle your deck. This means that you can search your deck for up to two Grass-type Pokémon per turn if both Grovyle and Shiinotic are in play, which makes for an extremely consistent deck, especially when combined with a certain Stadium card that is banned from Expanded Format but legal in GLC. More on that later!

You may be thinking, “What am I going to grab with Grovyle and Shiinotic’s Abilities? There are so many Grass-type Pokémon to choose from!”. Well, Grass has access to two amazing Pokémon that help with not just Energy acceleration, but also increasing your total Energy count across the board. These two cards are Venusaur from Shining Legends and Rillaboom from Sword and Shield Base Set. Venusaur has the Jungle Totem Ability, which reads “Every basic Grass Energy attached to your Pokémon provides two Grass Energy.”. This ability is insanely useful in the Grass deck, as increasing your Energy count is extremely powerful when utilizing your attackers.

As previously mentioned, Rillaboom has an awesome Ability as well. Voltage Beat reads “Once during your turn, you may search your deck for up to two Grass Energy cards and attach them to one of your Pokémon.” This Ability combos perfect with Venusaur, as using Voltage Beat while Venusaur is in play, it means you are technically accelerating four Energy into play instead of two! These two Pokémon combine great with a few attackers that utilize these two Abilities very well.

Shining Genesect is my favorite attacker in this deck, as it does not just have an incredible attack, but also an incredible Ability. Shining Genesect has the Energy Reload ability, which allows you to move one Grass Energy from one of your Pokémon to Shining Genesect. Getting one more Energy onto Shining Genesect is ideal, because it plays right into the goal of Shining Genesect’s attack. Gaia Blaster does 50 base damage and 20 more for each Grass Energy attached to Shining Genesect. Again, Shining Genesect combines perfectly with Venusaur from Shining Legends, doubling your Energy count on Shining Genesect. 

These Pokémon make the Grass archetype one of the most formidable Gym Leader Challenge decks to face and will have your opponent preparing for a tough game ahead.

Exclusive Trainers

There are a few Grass-exclusive Trainer cards that slot perfectly into your Gym Leader Challenge Deck. These cards include Net Ball, which searches out a Basic Grass Energy or a Basic Grass Pokemon, Revitalizer which recovers two Grass Pokemon from the discard pile, and perhaps one of the most broken cards ever printed… Forest of Giant Plants.

Forest of Giant Plants allows you to break the rules of Evolution and Evolve any of your Grass Pokémon on the turn that they are played. This is an incredible card for this deck, as it speeds up the process of getting your Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokémon into play. To search out Forest of Giant Plants, I like to play one copy of Stadium Nav from Unified Minds. Just flip heads, don’t Prize your Forest of Giant Plants, and voilà! You have the potential to utilize any of the previously mentioned Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokémon’s abilities on the very first turn of the game!

Hopefully you can see why Grass is such a strong deck and why I consider Grass to be the best deck so far in Gym Leader Challenge. I highly recommend giving my list a go and even making a few tweaks if you feel the need to! If you have any questions about my Grass deck, please feel free to get my attention in the Tricky Gym Discord! I am so excited to see what future sets not only hold for the Gym Leader Challenge, but also for my Grass deck. Good luck and have fun!

-Jake Mershon

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 17

* 1 Bulbasaur DET 1
* 1 Exeggcute PLF 4
* 1 Grookey CRE 16
* 1 Morelull DET 3
* 1 Pheromosa FLI 11
* 1 Shaymin SLG 7
* 1 Shining Genesect SLG 9
* 1 Treecko LOT 20
* 1 Zarude CRE 19
* 1 Exeggutor PLF 5
* 1 Grovyle LOT 21
* 1 Ivysaur DEX 2
* 1 Shiinotic SUM 17
* 1 Thwackey SHF 12
* 1 Rillaboom PR-SW 06
* 1 Sceptile CES 10
* 1 Venusaur SLG 3

##Trainer Cards – 32

* 1 Gladion CIN 109
* 1 Rescue Stretcher BUS 165
* 1 Brock’s Grit TEU 172
* 1 N FCO 105
* 1 Rare Candy SSH 180
* 1 Tropical Beach PR-BLW 28
* 1 Pokémon Fan Club UPR 155
* 1 Professor Juniper PLF 116
* 1 Timer Ball SUM 134
* 1 Super Rod NVI 95
* 1 Evosoda XY 116
* 1 Hex Maniac AOR 75
* 1 Nest Ball SUM 158
* 1 Boss’s Orders RCL 189
* 1 Forest of Giant Plants AOR 74
* 1 Level Ball BST 129
* 1 Float Stone PLF 99
* 1 Teammates PRC 160
* 1 VS Seeker ROS 110
* 1 Guzma BUS 143
* 1 Brigette BKT 161
* 1 Revitalizer GEN 70
* 1 Stadium Nav UNM 208
* 1 Ultra Ball PLB 90
* 1 Net Ball LOT 187
* 1 Quick Ball SSH 216
* 1 Energy Recycler AOR 72
* 1 Muscle Band XY 121
* 1 Evolution Incense SSH 163
* 1 Copycat CES 163
* 1 Air Balloon SSH 213
* 1 Colress PLS 135

##Energy – 11

* 11 Grass Energy SWSHEnergy 1

Total Cards – 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online ******

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2 thoughts on “Mean Green Machine

    1. Jad Saleh

      I like to include Battle Style Cherrim in my deck as it also allows for energy acceleration, just from your hand. If you combine it with supporters like fisherman, you can make some great late game plays where you reclaim some of your discarded energy and power up a genesect, sceptile, or zarude.


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