Frequently Asked Questions and Rulings

What types of cards have a Rule Box? Cards with a Rule Box cannot be played in GLC format. This includes Pokemon V, EX, GX, BREAK, Prism Star (including Prism Star Trainer and Energy cards). In addition for the purpose of this format, ACE SPEC cards are treated as Rule Box cards and not permitted.

Can I play more than one Pokemon of the same name so long as its not the same card? You can only play one Pokemon of the same card name. (e.g., 1 Bulbasaur, 1 Ivysaur, 1 Venusaur). However, two of the same species of Pokémon can be played as long as their card name is different (e.g., Shining Genesect and Genesect, or Alolan Grimer and Grimer).

What about Eeveelutions or Pokemon that evolve from Basics of a different type? Cards that are one type and evolve into a different type cannot be played in the same deck, like Eevee. Check out this article for more information.

Can I use Dual Type Pokemon? Dual Type Pokémon are allowed, as long as one of their types matches your deck type. The card must physically be two types in order to play it in either type of deck (e.g., Volcarona STS can be played in a Fire or Grass deck, but Gallade CEC can only be played in a Psychic deck).

Can I use Tool cards that grant an additional attack even if it is a GX attack? Tools that add an attack to a Pokémon are allowed (e.g., Normalium Z: Tackle)

Can I play with Celebrations Classic Collection cards and Promos? The Classic Collection cards are not permitted in GLC unless they are Black/White-on. This means that only Reshiram and Zekrom are playable in GLC.

Can I play with cards that say “this card cannot be used in official tournaments” on them? Cards like Zacian Lv. X, Dragapult Prime, Imakuni?’s Doduo, etc., are not legal in GLC.

Can I use more than one type of Basic Energy in my deck? Yes! Any Type of Basic Energy may be played in each deck.

Are Amazing Rare Pokemon allowed? Yes.

Can I play cards like Robo Substitute, Unidentified Fossil, and Lillie’s Pokédoll in my deck? Yes. These cards are item cards, and are only treated as Pokémon when in play. They are all allowed in any type of deck.

Can I play multiple cards in my deck with the same effect, like Boss’s Orders and Lysandre? You may play one Boss’s Orders OR Lysandre in your deck – not both, because of a Pokémon Official Ruling. Similarly, you may only play one of Professor’s Research OR Professor Sycamore OR Professor Juniper. Other cards may be played together. There is no restriction on Double Colorless Energy and Twin Energy, as they have different names despite their similar effects. You may also combine Hop, Hau, Tierno, and Cheren in the same deck – TPCi doesn’t have an official ruling against this.

Can I play with foreign cards in my deck? For tournament play it is recommended that foreign cards are limited to 10 cards per deck. Players using foreign cards must have references available at request (printed image, physical copy, or screenshot that is easily accessible upon request). All decks with a mix of languages must be sleeved in completely opaque sleeves. While we want to encourage tournament organizers to allow non-English cards, please make sure to check with the tournament staff for their ruling on other language cards and references.

Can I play with World Championship cards? World Championship cards are legal for GLC tournament play, but must be used with completely opaque sleeves.

Can I play with proxies? Proxies are great for casual play, but should not be used in GLC tournament play. World Championship cards are allowed at tournaments to increase access to more difficult to find cards like Tropical Beach.

What about cards that are banned from Standard or Expanded format? Gym Leader Challenge format has its own ban list which you can find here. If a card isn’t on this list, it’s fair game! So feel free to play your Delinquent and Hex Maniac. Go crazy!

Who decides the rules for this format? The Tricky Gym Discord is where all rules are discussed and finalized. Feel free to join in on the discussion!