GLC Update 1.1

Effective Monday, January 10, 2022 Forest of Giant Plants from Ancient Origins 74/98 will be banned from Gym Leader Challenge format. Forest of Giant Plants creates an unfair advantage by allowing Grass Gym Leaders to bypass the rules of evolution to set up their board faster than any other deck, often creating “check mate” positions as early as the second or third turn of the game. The combination is too consistent, with Roserade’s Le Parfum Ability easily capable of searching the Stadium on Turn 2. Combined with multiple “Sunshine Grace” Stage 1 Pokemon search options, Grass is able to consistently fill the board with powerful evolution Pokemon at a speed that is not in line with the balance of the rest of the format.

This decision was made by the Gym Leader Challenge community and the Tricky Gym moderation team. If you would like to be a part of upcoming format discussions, make sure to join the Tricky Gym Discord!

9 thoughts on “GLC Update 1.1

  1. BenderIsGreat99

    Yo any thoughts on good toolbox cards that are splashable in any deck? Like ball guy + ball search cards seem good in most decks

  2. I am a Potato

    Why was Roserade Le Parfum not banned instead of Forest of Giant Plants. I feel like banning cards will just dilute the playability of GLC and limits the choice. In my opinion the only card that needed to be banned was Lysandre’s trump card as it stops a way of winning.

    1. Harry

      I mean, I’m not an expert, but if you’re lucky enough to get Forest of Giant Plants in your first turn you’d be able to evolve, say, turtwig into Grotle, or even Torterra immediately, providing you have all three cards of course, or a means to obtain these cards such as ultra ball. Then you can just put down two grass energy, and you can instantly get a Killing machine that obliterates the opponent before they can set up ?‍♂️

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