One of the things that makes Gym Leader Challenge so fun is that each type has its own unique qualities that you can formulate a strategy around. You really get into the characteristics of each type, which makes deck building and gameplay fun and rewarding. Gym Leader Challenge isn’t just about winning the most games, its about trying to win using your favorite type of Pokémon, and that openness is something that you simply cannot get in other formats right now. Metal type Pokémon are known for their defenses, and let me tell you, they do not disappoint in Gym Leader Challenge. What’s your opponent gonna do when they encounter a 190 HP Copperajah with a Metal Frying Pan swinging for 220 damage? Cry. Whether you’ve been working on growing a beard since 2006 like Byron or fancy yourself as the Steel Clad Defense Girl, Jasmine, you’re in the right place!

Support Pokémon

Playing into Metal’s bulky strategy, Aegislash makes your big dudes even bigger with its Big Shield Ability, decreasing damage done to your Pokémon by 30. With Big Shield and a damage reduction Tool like Metal Goggles or Metal Frying Pan, your Pokémon will be taking -60 damage from the opponent’s attacks! If Aegislash‘s buff isn’t crazy enough, Galarian Perrserker‘s Steely Spirit also boosts all your Pokémon’s attacks by 20. Buffs aren’t much if you can’t power up attackers, though. Fortunately, you can accelerate Energy from the discard pile with Bronzong‘s Metal Links and from the hand with Magnezone‘s Magnetic Circuit allowing you to charge the board with Energy and launch huge attacks with ease!


Dialga from Celebrations was a total godsend for Metal decks. Not only is it a great lead with its Temporal Backflow attack, which allows you to recover any card from your discard pile, it also has an infinite damage ceiling with its Metal Blast attack, which does more damage for each Metal Energy attached to it! Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Copperajah. This thing is a total beast and great for checkmating at the end of the game. A well timed Copperajah with Metal Core Barrier can allow you to fire off multiple Muscular Nose attacks, absolutely decimating anything in your path! Magearna and Cobalion are both solid low maintenance attackers while Aggron, Melmetal and Celesteela are bigger, Energy hungry options.

Deck Lists

Tank and Heal

This list leans into Metal’s identity as a strong and sturdy type, capable of absorbing the most powerful of attacks. It runs many tools that reduce damage (including Metal Core Barrier which provides a resistance of -70 on the following turn!), and a few ways to heal damage including the powerful Supporter Mallow & Lana. These support options prop up a small but powerful cast of attackers, including Copperajah who becomes even stronger with increased defense and Melmetal which can shut down ability-reliant decks.

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Credit: Scott Steel

This Metal list instead aims to overpower the opponent with fast and strong attacks. Bisharp attacks for a single energy, often multiple times in a row, and Heatran (BRS) makes good use of the different types of energy in the deck to deal massive damage. And if any of your Pokémon have been damaged, either by tanking an attack or attaching a Rainbow Energy, Copperajah (DAA)’s Vengeful Stomp attack will crush even the most powerful defending Pokémon.

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