Whether you’re a battle worn veteran like Lt. Surge or a supermodel like Elesa, Lightning type Pokémon are sure to serve you well in your Gym Leader Challenge adventures! True to their speedy form, Lightning Pokémon have access to some of the fastest attacks and strongest draw support Abilities available in Gym Leader Challenge. With multiple ways to accelerate Energy into play as well, you’ll be sprinting through your deck and launching powerful attacks that are sure to leave your opponents shocked before they have a chance to set up!

Support Pokémon

Something that sets Lightning apart from other types is that it has many amazing Stage 1 support Pokémon, which makes it a generally low maintenance and quick archetype. Both Flaaffy and Eelektrik rock the Dynamotor Ability, allowing them to charge Energy from the discard to your various attackers. Electrode and Zebstrika both have Abilities that draw cards, and since they are easy to set up early, Lightning is a type that can reach the bottom of the deck with relative ease. Since Zebstrika‘s Sprint will have you discarding your hand multiple times a game, recovery cards are generally important in most Lightning type builds.


Of any type in Gym Leader Challenge, Lightning is most notorious for ending games quickly. Zapdos is one of the best leads in the format, threatening an easy 80 damage on the first turn of the game with its Thunderous Assault attack. Even if Zapdos doesn’t take a KO, it can help set up numbers for Regieleki or Amazing Rare Raikou, both of which have phenomenal but pricey spread attacks. Since Zapdos is so low maintenance, a common strategy is to lead Zapdos while you build up more powerful attacks on the Bench with Dynamotor.

Deck Lists

Raikou Spread

This list embodies all the most powerful qualities of Lightning Pokémon in Gym Leader Challenge. Quick aggro with Tapu Koko and Zapdos combined with the mid-late game potential of Amazing Rare Raikou and Regieleki make this deck a monster to deal with on the battle field.

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Shock Lock
Deck list by Connor Finton

While the first deck uses an all out aggressive strategy to try and end the game as swiftly as possible, this list by Connor Finton takes a completely different route. Inspired by Expanded’s infamous Shock Lock deck (developed by Worlds Finalist Ross Cawthon), this list uses Raichu (BUS)‘s Evo Shock Ability to leave the opponent perpetually Paralyzed while recycling resources with Lanturn (LOT)‘s Salvage attack and milling cards with Toxtricity (DAA). If you’ve got the patience for it, this deck is sure to leave the opponent electrified!

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