Hah! You better have Burn Heal if you think you’re ready to become a Fire Gym Leader! With explosive support options and multiple Supporter based Energy accelerators, there is a lot to love about Fire type Pokémon in Gym leader Challenge! It’s always fascinating to see cards from the Black and White era team up with Pokémon from the Sword and Shield block. That’s one of my favorite things about the Fire deck and about Gym Leader Challenge in general: at any point in the game you may have cards in play that span 10 years of the Pokémon TCG working together to form a cohesive Strategy!

Support Pokémon

Alright now, full disclosure, one of the reasons I love Fire so much is that I’ve been playing since Emboar and Delphox were in Standard format. Inferno Fandango! Get it!? It’s like the Fire version of Rain Dance! Emboar is also one of my favorite Pokemon Cards ever, specifically the Legendary Treasures print with the flavor text, “It can throw a fire punch by setting its fists on fire with its fiery chin. It cares deeply about its friends.” If you don’t think that’s cool, then becoming a Fire Gym Leader might not be for you. Delphox also has one of the best draw Abilities ever printed on a non Rule Box Pokemon in the form of Mystical Fire, which allows you to fill your hand to six once a turn. Combined with Magcargo, you can stack your deck and draw into exactly what you need when you need it!


Nobody gets the party started like Volcanion from Unbroken Bonds. Flare Starter, which can accelerate three Fire from the deck to your Pokémon if it’s your first turn going second, is the best way to kick off any game with Fire, which probably warrants choosing to go second. With Brigette and Sonia in deck its not uncommon to get a big turn one play with Volcanion! Ho-Oh from Celebrations is probably the front-runner for most reliable Fire type attacker, and another great way to kick off the game since it can do 50 snipe for just two Energy or 120 damage for three. My favorite Fire type attacker, however, is definitely Heatmor. If I’m playing Fire, I’m going full-greed and trying to load six Energy onto Heatmor so that I can unlock the absolutely insane 180 snipe effect of Exciting Flame. With so many options, there really is no wrong way to build a Fire type deck. It’s definitely one of the types with the most options, so pick your favorite Fire Type Pokémon and get building!

Deck Lists

Turbo Heatmor

With all the best Fire support Pokémon packed into one deck, you’re sure to get set up at a blazing speed! Once Emboar hits the field, you’ll be using Inferno Fandango to load up Heatmor turn after turn. If you are able to set up Emboar, Delphox, and Magcargo at the same time, you’ll feel absolutely unstoppable! With plenty of ways to recover Pokémon, you’ll have no trouble recycling Heatmor and Ho-Oh throughout the game. If need be, Delphox also works as an excellent finisher with its Blaze Ball attack!

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Credit: Tony “Tont” Hoang

This list forgoes Emboar and instead focuses on accelerating Fire Energy from the discard pile with Blaziken, Cinderace, and Arcanine. Salazzle‘s Roast Reveal has perfect synergy with this strategy since it discards Fire Energy and draws you cards.

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Fire Mill

Credit: Carbink44

Fire is one of the most potent Mill decks in Gym Leader Challenge! Unlike pure control strategies, this list pressures the opponent’s deck count directly with Moltres (TEU)‘s Top Burner and Centiskorch (SSH)‘s Hundred Foot Flames attacks. With Pyroar‘s Flare Command Ability, gusting and trapping unsuspecting targets while you mill is a total breeze! To recover resources from the discard pile, all you need is Heatmor (BUS)‘s Odor Sleuth attack and a little bit of luck!

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Credit: Adsyrachi

A fun spin on Fire with unique attackers, this deck churns out big attacks with the self-sufficient Charizard‘s Continuous Blaze Ball. Charizard discards energy, eventually powering up a huge Flare Up from Infernape (STS)!

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Energy Efficient Attackers

Credit: Sarmachus

Most Fire attackers are energy hungry, but this build focuses on dishing out quick and energy efficient attacks without relying too heavily on accelerating extra energy into play. While Cinderace is your big hitter, Incineroar (UNB) buffs the damage of your low-cost Pokémon like Houndoom (LOT) and Moltres.

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