As a Pokémon trainer, you don’t simply choose to be a Fighting type Gym Leader. Fighting Pokémon choose you! Only the toughest, most spirited trainers can channel the strong wills of Fighting Pokémon to achieve victory in battle. Known for their significant bulk and low maintenance damage output, Fighting decks have the potential to rush into battle and flatten any deck that doesn’t set up quickly.

Support Pokémon

The first rule of fight club is: you do not talk about support Pokémon. Listen – there’s not much here, okay?! But don’t let that deter you. Fighting Pokémon aren’t known for their fancy tricks or supporting roles. They are known for their raw, low maintenance damage output. Coalossal‘s Tar Generator Ability is the saving grace for Fighting support, pumping Energy from the discard and allowing you to power up more expensive Fighting type attacks. It is completely possible, however, to build a successful Fighting deck without any support Pokémon at all.


Just look at these magnificent Fighting Pokémon! They’re HUGE! They do a ton of damage! With cards like Buff Padding, Muscle Band, Strong Energy and Stone F Energy you can make these guys EVEN BIGGER, and do EVEN MORE DAMAGE! Now that’s what Fighting Pokémon are all about.

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No frills or cheap tricks here! This Fighting Deck gets in the paint fast with the many offensive Stage 1 threats that Fighting type has to offer. With cards like Max Elixir and Raihan, you can get that extra Energy attachment you need to unlock your more powerful attacks without setting up Coalossal.

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Ironically, Coalossal is pretty easy to set up in a Fighting deck despite the lack of other supporting options available thanks to Korrina. Korrina can grab the Rare Candy & Coalossal combo, allowing you to stream hefty attacks with big Fighting Pokémon turn after turn!

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Credit: Jeoshua “Babautette” Obladi

This is a unique take on Fighting which revolves around a trio of Basic Pokémon from Sun & Moon – Team Up. They have powerful, one-energy attacks which chain into each other to great effect – culminating in 60 spread across the opponent’s board. Pairing these nimble Pokemon with strong attackers like Garchomp (FLI), Flygon, and Sudowoodo (BKP) creates a versatile and unique group of scrappy fighters.

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