In Standard format, Colorless Pokémon are known for their ability to be splashed in any deck, often fulfilling a supporting role. Not in Gym Leader Challenge! Colorless is its own type, with its own identity and its own set of strengths that make it unlike any other type in Gym Leader Challenge. With some of the best draw Support, recovery and the unique ability to accelerate Special Energy into play, Colorless can easily play into aggressive or control style strategies, depending on your preferred play style.

Support Pokémon

Cinccino and Pidgeotto are two of the best draw support Pokémon in Gym Leader Challenge. The newly released Bibarel from Brilliant Stars adds an impressive third draw option for Colorless, allowing you to fill your hand to 5 every turn. When they are both set up, you can see four additional cards off the top of your deck per turn! Delcatty is essential for control builds, allowing you to recover resources from your discard pile, while Porygon-Z fulfills the role of Energy accelerator in attacking lists with its fantastic Crazy Code Ability!


The best thing about Colorless attackers is that they all attack for any type of Energy, making it so that they can all take advantage of the amazing Special Energy printed over the years. Three Energy attacks can almost always be used for just a couple Energy attachments thanks to Twin Energy and Double Colorless Energy. With Triple Acceleration Energy, even massive attacks like Aerodactyl‘s Fossil Fangs or Slaking‘s Critical Move are just an Energy attachment away.

Deck Lists

Crazy Code

No deck in the history of the Pokémon TCG has ever played 12 different Special Energy, but this is Gym Leader Challenge, baby! Isn’t it magnificent? Even without Porygon-Z in play, Double Colorless Energy, Counter Energy, Twin Energy and Triple Acceleration Energy help you to unlock your Colorless Pokémon’s attacks quickly and efficiently. Once Porgyon-Z is online, this deck feels unstoppable! One of the coolest things about this list is that even though Pokemon-GX are not allowed in Gym Leader Challenge, you can still use a GX attack by combining Flyinium-Z: Air Slash with Tornadus!

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Credit: Trevor Redding

One of the awesome things about Colorless Pokémon is that they can use any type of Energy to power up their attacks! By including Basic Fire Energy in a Colorless deck, you make it so that you can use Welder or Raihan to help accelerate Energy into play! This strategy is so hot that it propelled Trevor Redding to the finals of the Brilliant Stars Full Grip Games Gym Leader Challenge 1K tournament.

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Credit: Grant Manley

Of all the decks in GLC, this is probably the most famous — or infamous, depending on who you ask. It’s notable for playing 60 unique cards (not even duplicating basic energy!) — most of which are quite weak on their own. But when combined skillfully, they form the most oppressive lock in the format; skillful play and significant luck are required to defeat control once its lock is set up. Even if you don’t plan on playing Colorless Control, you’ll have to study it carefully if you ever want to become a real Gym Leader! The deck never needs to take a prize, so all of its Pokémon are devoted to support and disruption. Draw Pokémon like Cinccino and Pidgeotto can churn through the deck as your opponent knocks out your Pokémon — that means you have at least five turns to gather the resources your deck needs. Then, after gathering the necessary resources in hand, you play a huge array of cards to lock your opponent out of the game. Reset Stamp and Delinquent will remove your opponent’s hand, Counter Catcher will bring up a hefty Pokémon that can’t attack (which can be put on the bench with Target Whistle or Captivating Poké Puff), Hex Maniac will turn off their abilities to draw or accelerate energy, and finally Watchog (EPO)’s Watcheck attack will ensure that the opponent draws the least useful card off the top of their deck. Bunnelby‘s Rototiller attack and Delcatty‘s Search For Friends Ability can recycle the cards needed to keep your opponent locked every turn. With bans to Oranguru (UPR), Chip-Chip Ice Axe, and Hiker, this deck is not as unstoppable as it once was, but in the right hands it can still prove devastating to unprepared — and even prepared! — trainers.

Budget Options: Jubilife Village

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Based on Kyle “xMertaugx’s” Rainbow Colorless deck. Check out his article about the deck!

They say Colorless Pokémon can use any type of Energy to attack, but what if they used EVERY type of Energy to attack? This Colorless deck uses Pokémon that rely on having different types of Energy like Ho-Oh (LOT), Kecleon (CRE) and Smeargle (EVS) to pump out maximum damage!

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