Video: Defensive Metal

Renown for their defenses in battle, Metal Pokemon are some of the toughest Pokemon to knock out in Gym Leader Challenge format. With various Abilities, Tool Cards and Special Energy to boost their already formidable Hit Points, behemoths like Aggron from Chilling Reign and Copperajah from Sword and Shield can sweep an unprepared board state. […]

Video: Psychic Spread

Cue the music from Lavender Town because this Psychic deck has got some spooky synergy! Chandelure from Noble Victories and Crobat from Phantom Forces team up to drop damage counters all over the opponent’s board, taking crucial KOs on Benched Pokemon before they have the chance to evolve! But that’s not all, Giratina from Lost […]

Face the Fierce Fighter

Powerful beasts that can make the earth shake and swift combatants that can pierce the rock with their fists: the Fighting type Pokémon are creatures with an untamed heart and only the strongest trainers can earn the right to become their masters. If you are up to the challenge and you are eager to follow […]

Heavy Metal

Hi! My name is Dave aka mask_dave and I am a PTCG player and proud member of Tricky Gym’s Twitch and Discord communities! On the first day Andrew announced the Gym Leader Challenge Format, I got inspired to take on the Metal Type as my first GLC deck and haven’t looked back since! With access […]