Fusion Strike 1K Results

The second Full Grip Games Gym Leader Challenge $1,000 tournament has concluded, and Grass was able to capture the title at the hands of Mike Gibbs! Mike attended the double header with the intention to compete in Saturday’s Standard event. After missing top cut on Saturday, Mike picked up his first GLC deck Saturday night […]

Mind Over Body

Psychic type Pokémon are often recognized for their powerful tricks, both in the video games and the TCG. From destructive Calm Mind sweeps to the infamous Malamar Spell Tag deck, Psychic is never found without potential, and the Gym Leader Challenge is absolutely no exception. In my eyes, Psychic has two modes in GLC format: […]

Cracking the Crazy Code with Colorless

Hello, I’m Tankmin! You’ve probably seen me in the Tricky Gym Twitch chat backseat gaming as Tankmin817 or on the PTCGO ladder as Tankmin. I’ve been incredibly excited about this format and have been working really hard on my attacking Colorless deck since its announcement. You may be asking yourself, “why would someone play an attacking […]

Fusion Strike GLC 1K

Fusion Strike is just around the corner! To celebrate, Full Grip Games is hosting another $1,000 cash prize double header event November 13th and 14th. There will be a Standard Sword and Shield – Fusion Strike event on Saturday and a Black and White – Fusion Strike Gym Leader Challenge event on Sunday! Signups are […]

Full Grip Games 1K

Just over a month ago, Full Grip Games hosted the first ever Gym Leader Challenge 1K prize event to celebrate the release of Evolving Skies. Over 40 players attended the event, including some of the best Pokemon TCG players in the world. The event was a dream come true for me. Not only was it […]

Introduction To GLC

Interested in Gym Leader Challenge but don’t know where to start? JW Kriewall aka FlexDaddyRigheous has made an outstanding introductory video to GLC format. In this video JW explains the rationale behind many of the most common Trainers you may find in a GLC deck as well as some fantastic Trainers to consider! Check out […]

High Voltage Strategy

Since the beginning of the Pokemon Trading Card Game there have been a variety of powerful Lightning Type Pokemon. The type has a strong emphasis on fast and powerful attackers to quickly knock out your opponent’s Pokemon. Charging Up You need strong support in order to have a strong deck and Energy acceleration is a […]